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Individuals (as Vacationers, travelers, visitors, group and event organizers, travel agents, etc.) subscribe to TOURNET and profile themselves as CUSTOMERS in order to request information and offers on travel & leisure related products and services locally or anywhere in the world.

Likewise, VENDORS worldwide subscribe as individuals (independent travel professionals) or in behalf of accredited travel organizations (tour operators and event organizers, accommodation, local venues & suppliers, transportation, tourist bureaus, destination management offices, etc).

Since VENDORS profile themselves and their destination(s), product(s), services and offers, TOURNET matches relevant and only relevant CUSTOMER Requests and VENDOR Responses & Offers establishing a Conversation leading, in a social network manner, to the creation and purchase of a custom travel itinerary of any complexity to one or many cities worldwide.

This is an Alpha version of Tournet's socialITIN (short for socialITINERARY, our patent pending technology), a limited participation selling system on a social network